About EHBA

The European Hardcourt Bikepolo Association was established in 2014.
Our goal is to create an official board working on the development of Hardcourt Bikepolo in Europe.
We are also working together with other continental organisations and representatives.

If you want to join as a volunteer or share ideas or feedback, please contact us.

The people helping out at the moment are:

  • Gernot Gruber (Barcelona), EHBA Communication, Events, Rules and Reffing
  • Alejandro Carrillo (Barcelona), Rules and Reffing, Website
  • Clement Chartier (Brussels), Website
  • Lukas Litvinas (Vilnius), Website
  • Daniel Genna (Paris), Website
  • David Navarro (Zaragoza), Website

EHBA Board 2016:

  • Dany Majard (London)
  • Gernot Gruber (Barcelona)
  • Daniel Genna (Paris)
  • Dorian Nahoun (Geneva)
  • Alex Tranda (Bukarest)
  • Andriy Minyaylo (Kiev)
  • Niko Langner (Hamburg)
  • Zsofia Bundai (Bristol)
  • Arthur Caplan (Manchester)

EHBA Board 2014:

  • Alejandro Carrillo (Barcelona)
  • Dany Majard (London)
  • Clement Bailat (Geneva)
  • Johanna Lemm (Frankfurt)
  • Benjamin Liu (Guadelope)
  • Eddy Krömer (Frankfurt)
  • Morgan Hidalgo (Lyon)
  • Marco Campisano (Catania)
  • Vincent Pujol (Brussels)

Special credit to:

  • Jason Breton (Sydney), for his work establishing the first EHBA board.

EHBA logo credit:

  • Steffen Brückner (Hamburg)

Photo credit:

  • Olivier Minh
  • Caro Paulette
  • Dmytro Tytenko