The History


1999 - Hardcourt bikepolo is born in Seattle

2001 - Game spreads to the East Coast US

2002 - First club is born. The Axles of Evil, Portland, USA.

2003 - Demonstration event at CMWC. Seattle, USA.

2004 - First tournament. WSPI, Portland, USA

2005 - Tap Out rule is introduced.

2006 - Bikepolo arrives to Europe.

2008 - Bikepolo spreads worldwide

First North American championship. Chicago, USA

First World championship. Toronto, CA.

First Bikepolo-specific on-line forum is created., then

2009 - First European Championship. London, UK.

First FTW exclusive tournament is played. Ladies Army, Vancouver, CA.

2010 - First World championship in Europe. Berlin

NAH is created.

First NAH sanctioned ruleset is written

2011 - First European ruleset is written

First tournament management tool is created.

First permanent bikepolo specific court is built. Vancouver, CA.

First mandatory Co-Ed tournament in Europe is played. Hell’s Belles Vol. 1. London, UK.

2012 - First European team to win World Championships. Call Me Daddy.

First FTW exclusive tournament in Europe is played. Hell’s Belles Vol. 2. London. UK.

2013 - Bikepolo hits peak growth.

2014 - EHBA is created.

2015 - First professional series is created. Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo, PHBP.

The crease is introduced.

Interference rule is introduced.

2016 - First World championship in ANZ region. Timaru, NZ.

First European championship in Squad format. Dominion Cup, Turin, IT.

2017 - First North American championship in Squad format. Frederick, USA.

First World championship in Squad format. Lexington, USA.

2018 - First EHBA sanctioned ruleset is written.

2019 - First World Championship in Latin America. Cordoba, AR.