EHBA Ruleset Update

posted on May 1, 2023

euro ruleset rules

We have updated the EHBA ruleset.

Appart from some rewording, typo and reference corrections, there are a few new additions to it: most notably Game Mechanics for Quads (4v4) format. In addition, we have reworked penalty escalation and redefined Minor and Major Penalties to improve the ability of refs to assess and issue them as needed. Finally, Hooking has also been addressed and redefined to better outline its use and its relation to Mallet Interference.

The ruleset will be in review for the next 3-5 weeks to iron out any mistakes, or inconsistencies that might be found. Please take the time to read it and take it in. Feedback can be directly sent by email, however discussions should be held on Poloverse.

Given the timing of its publication, regional qualifiers for EHBA may use the 2018 edition, but we strongly encourage tournament organisers to abide by the latest version.

Looking forward to a very exciting 2023 season!

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