Dear Europolo,

Welcome to our official website. We are happy that we now have a new platform for the development and representation of Hardcourt Bikepolo in Europe. Our main priority with this page is - over the coming months - to provide a collection of useful content for anybody interested in Hardcourt Bikepolo. We really mean it, anybody: established players, referees, event organisers, club organisers, beginners, and complete strangers. Anybody should find something useful on this page. If you are interested to help us out, or if you want to tell us what content should be found on this page, please contact us!

In the coming months we are fully focused on EHBPC 2019 and WHBPC 2019. Later in the year, we want to focus more on the EHBA organization itself and hope to get things moving again. Please allow us some time until you hear more about this!

Enjoy clicking through the page and please share with your friends!

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If you want to participate, please contact us.